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Periodontal Disease
Systemic Effects of Periodontal Disease

Bone Augmentation

Ridge Preservation

Removing hopeless teeth may be necessary due to pain, infection, fractures in the tooth, or periodontal disease. The bone that holds a tooth in place is often damaged as a result of disease and infection that can lead to bone loss progression. These jaw deformities created from tooth removal and infection can be repaired by a procedure called ridge preservation. With this procedure once the tooth is removed a bone graft from a donor is placed into the bone defect created from the tooth extraction. This bone graft provides proteins to help stimulate your body’s natural ability to repair the bone during the healing process allowing more bone to be preserved for the placement of a dental implant in the future.

Sinus Augmentation

The maxillary sinus is located in the posterior upper jaw just above the natural teeth. The teeth maintain the height of the bone and when they are lost bone is lost as well. Because of this there may not be enough bone to place dental implants. In order to gain enough bone height for dental implants a bone graft is placed into the sinus cavity that will serve as new bone to place implants.